Friday, September 3, 2010

San Diego Architecture Foundation "Orchids and Onions" Nomination

The Machine Shop Gallery has been nominated as an Orchid for The San Diego Architecture Foundations' Orchids and Onions 2010.

It's time again for San Diego's longest-running beauty and the beast contests -- Orchids & Onions. Since the 1970s, residents nominated the best, and worst, examples of architecture, landscapes, public art and other elements of the built environment.

The objective of Orchids & Onions is to inspire excellence in every aspect of San Diego’s built environment. By nominating what makes your heart soar, or what you see as an eyesore, you can have your say on the state of your city.

In starting to see how the economic climate is creating alterations in the way we think, plan, design and build, we’ve made an alteration to the O&O process, and added a ‘Miscellaneous’ Category. This new category encompasses everything and anything that the existing categories do not. Any nomination submitted to the Miscellaneous Category that is determined an Orchid or Onion will be recognized in a category specific to that project.

Commentary on all nominations is highly encouraged, especially from nominees. Tell us about your project. This allows the site visitor, juror and voter to learn as much as possible about the nominees. Effect change in your community. Nominate. Comment. Vote.

Show your support for The Machine Shop Gallery by checking out Orchids and Onions website and our nomination!

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